Managing Apple Subscriptions

One of the most popular questions that exists on the iOS platform is handling subscriptions. Let’s first examine what a subscription is.

An Apple subscription is an auto-renewing application based fee. For example, if you would like to access Apple Music, this is done so through a subscription. Having this type of structure allows application developers to enable automatic payments from their users.

In reality, most customers look to manage their Apple subscription, after they have already been charged. I would bet that there are tons of people that do not realize what they are subscribed to. Apple typically sends a renewal confirmation via e-mail, days after the subscription processed.

Below are a series of steps to manage your account. We will be using an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11 beta.

Things you will need: Apple ID Password or Touch ID enabled.

Step 1.

Open Settings.

Step 2.

Select iTunes & App Store

Step 3.

Select your Apple ID. A pop up window will appear, press View Apple ID. Important: You will need to sign-in with your Apple ID Password or use Touch ID to advance further.

Step 4.

Account Settings – scroll down until you see the Subscriptions option and select it.

Step 5.

There are two types of subscription statuses – active and expired. From this point, you will be able to manage your subscriptions.

To cancel a subscription, select an Active subscription and choose Cancel Subscription.

And that is it!

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